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  • An MVD Exclusive
  • SKU: CRC016CD
  • Format: CD
  • UPC: 7340148112009
  • Street Date: 02/07/20
  • PreBook Date: 01/03/20
  • Label: The Sign Records »
  • Genre: Metal
  • Run Time: 45:56 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Year of Production: 2019
  • Box Lot: 0
  • Territory: N.AMERICA, JAPAN,AUS
  • Language: English


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Nocturnalia - Iii: Winter

In the mysterious vast lands of Scandinavia, dark- and heavy rock quintet Nocturnalia resides

Nocturnalia - Iii: Winter
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In the mysterious vast lands of Scandinavia, where ancient monuments of stone erecting towards the sun, dark- and heavy rock quintet Nocturnalia resides. With thunderous and organic sounds of classic rock, ritualistic drum patterns and sinister yet beautiful storytelling they create a hypnotizing blend of music and impressions characterized by epic soundscapes and sublime winding melodies. 
 The eerie and cold yet peacefully quiet atmosphere of the harsh Scandinavian winter manifests itself clearly in the cultural heritage throughout history; the hostile conditions, the absence of daylight, famine and stagnation have put emphasis on humanity's endless and determined struggle for survival. These occurrences have shaped the tradition of music, philosophy, poetry, art and folklore connected to our nature and it's mysticism, and has also been the primal source of inspiration for Nocturnalia.
 With influences ranging from classic rock acts such as Rainbow and Black Widow to 'Hammerheart'-era Bathory and traditional folk music woven together they have shaped their sound into something quite familiar but at the same time remote and unexplored.
 The spiritual aspect of their music has also been an important part of the song writing as well as their intense and fiery live performances - to let go of habitual structures and allow the music to resonate with higher levels of the consciousness and deeper within unconsciousness. After the second album they decided to take a short hiatus from song-writing and touring in favor of other musical and creative projects - Drummer Dennis Skoglund was a member of the rock band Night for a couple of years and occasionally a live musician in dark ambient/folk music acts Forndom and Draugurinn. Guitarist Linus Lundgren is also a member of occult rock pioneers Year of the Goat and singer Linus Ekermo is the bass player in label mates Oblivious. 

Track Listing

  • The Calling
  • Spell of the Night
  • By Nature
  • Come Alive
  • Forsaken
  • Beyond the White
  • Winter Hymn
  • The Son

Press Quotes

Never boring, this delights throughout and serves as a stunning palette cleanser for those evening when one just wishes to unwind. This held my attention from the first until the last note with its fluid though varied composition, unique nature and thoroughly stunning delivery and execution. To think this is first I've reviewed from Scandinavia, the bar has been set and it's stratospheric.

     —CULT METAL FIX, https://cultmetalflix.wordpress.com/2019/08/21/abr

Nocturnalia's third crack at the bat is smooth, easy to enjoy, and, thanks to the genius mastering work by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna, the sound is deliciously crunchy and well-balanced.

     —Angry Metal Guy , https://www.angrymetalguy.com/nocturnalia-iii-wint

Their potential appeal is huge - fans of Graveyard will certainly enjoy them, but equally there are elements of Lake Of Tears, Witchcraft, Budgie, latter-day Bathory, Green Carnation, Solitude Aeturnus, Tyr...

     —Ave Noctum , http://www.avenoctum.com/2019/11/nocturnalia-iii-w

Nocturnalia's III: Winter is a chilly and dark album, one rooted in rock and gothic tones. It makes for an eerie listen that is a bit Ghost, a bit The Cult and a lot of Nocturnalia's own unique sound (...) 8/10

     —GB HBL , https://www.gbhbl.com/album-review-nocturnalia-iii


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