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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • Version: Clear Double Vinyl
  • Format: LP
  • UPC: 7340148114096
  • Street Date: 03/10/23
  • PreBook Date: 02/03/23
  • Label: The Sign Records »
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Run Time: 66:12 mins
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 2022
  • Region Code: 0
  • Box Lot:
  • Territory: NA,JP,AU


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Märvel - Double Decade (Clear Vinyl)

To celebrate Märvel's 20 years in the service of rock 'n' roll, here's "Double Decade"!

Märvel - Double Decade (Clear Vinyl)
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After 20 years in the service of rock'n roll, Sweden's barons of Rock, Märvel needs no further introduction. In celebration of their 20 years as a band, they turned 2022 into a big long-running party. April saw the release date of their ninth and critically acclaimed full-length album "Graces Came With Malice", in August they held their own festival "Märvelfest" (new and old friends like The Pusjkins, Freedom, Omni Of Halos, Knifven, Dictator Ship, Hedda Hatar, Lykantropi and Reptile Tounge, got together to play and celebrate), in November they embarked on their first Spanish headline tour in 11 years, including cities such as Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona, and Rock N Roll Army launched a series of articles covering the entire career of Märvel. And now, to really top the icing on the cake, they release "Double Decade", the mandatory Greatest Hits album, a royal collection of their best songs from 2002-2022, newly mastered by Magnus Lindberg (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Cult Of Luna, The Datsuns, Tribulation, Lucifer, etc). If that weren't enough, the compilation includes two new and previously unreleased songs, mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker, etc). Band comments: "Double decade is the shining crown on top of our 20 year anniversary celebration! The album is a great testament to our fans who have continued to support us through the years. Double Decade is a labor of love and we've put a lot of energy into making it a very special item. Long live rock & roll!


Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • Remember
  • The Effort
  • Thunderblood Heart
  • A Killing View
  • Bring It On
  • I Wanna Know You (Just a Little Bit Better)
  • Five Smell City
  • Danish Rush
  • All over the News
  • T.n.H.
  • Goddess on the Loose
  • Disc 2:
    • Catch 22
    • Son of a Gypsy
    • Ambassador of Fantastic
    • Ain't Gonna Last
    • Spider
    • Turn the Page
    • The Devil Stole the Beat from the Lord
    • Pyrrhic Victory
    • Eight Arms to Hold You
    • Motherfucker
    • These Boots Are Made for Flying

Sales Points

  • For fans of Kiss, The Hellacopters, Thin Lizzy, Boston, and classic rock.
  • Released on exclusive double vinyl editions, each limited to 500 copies. Clear double vinyl, and Orange and Purple double vinyl. All packaged in a luxurious gatefold, with a special booklet that includes personal stories
  • Rock N Roll Army launched an exclusive article series about the band's 20 years celebration.
  • This 'Greatest Hits' album includes 21 songs from their whole career 2002-2022, plus two new and previously unreleased songs (mixed by Robert Pehrsson).
  • In celebration of their 20 years as a band, in August 2022 Märvel held their own two day festival (Märvelfest) in Linköping Sweden where they invited a lot of bands to come play and celebrate
  • 'Double Decade' is mastered by Magnus Lindberg who has also mastered The Hellacopters Eyes Of Oblivion & Imperial State Electric - Honk Machine.
  • The band celebrates 20 years as a band in 2022. One of the longest going Scandinavian Rock acts of today.

Press Quotes

You can't but start smiling whilst listening because it is fun collection of songs that just want you to move

     —Musipedia of Metal, https://musipediaofmetal.blogspot.com/2023/02/revi

If you have never heard the band before, this is the perfect place to get your ears around one of the best in the business

     —Powerplay, https://drive.google.com/file/d/18pEb1PiVMTZpLbZzm

'Double Decade' contains a lot of exquisite music. The organic sound of these tracks is a treat for ears and mind, a musical oasis in a hectic world. Cheers and raise your glasses to the next 20 years of Märvel music

     —Markus Heavy Music Blog, https://markusheavymusicblog.org/2023/02/17/review

The kind of album that brings back so dear musical memories

     —Metal Addicts, https://metaladdicts.com/marvel-double-decade-revi

Targeted, variable, classic value, fluffy and... it rocks, rolls, and grooves like hell!

     —FFM ROCK, https://www.ffm-rock.de/reviews-interviews/cd-revi

After 20 years of making music, the classic rock trio Märvel presents itself and its fans with a compilation of rarities and the best, ... entertaining and highlights all the band's trump cards

     —Musikreviews.de, http://www.musikreviews.de/reviews/2023/Maervel/Do

Everything here is essentially glorious

     —Maximum Volume Music, https://maximumvolumemusic.com/review-marvel-doubl

This is simply a great compilation that you just have to check out

     —Hard Rock Info, http://www.hardrockinfo.com/reviews/2023/feb.html#

Alongside some cracking old stuff, like Five Smell City and Thunderblood Heart, there are also a couple of newies - Catch 22 rips along in classic Marvel style, while Turn The Page is melodic and nostalgic in equal measure

     —Classic Rock, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vhbk7RF6Bz8k2lz2C

Rocking and raging like the leather-trousered love child of The Hellacopters and Thin Lizzy, this deep cut from the Marvel vaults is rock'n'roll for boozing and poring over your old gig tickets and seven-inchers...

     —Classic Rock, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sIbsG7g0UgcRL4jcz

The stirring Swedish trio, often and rightly called the barons of high-energy rock'n'roll, lives up to its title. Märvel has ruled for two decades, and there's no telling they'd want to give their throne to anyone else

     —MARKISCHE ALLGEMEINE, https://www.maz-online.de/kultur/maz-musiktipp-neu

'Double Decade' is a great compilation whether you are an established Märvel fan or brand new to the cause, 'Double Decade' is the perfect way to don your disguise and get ready to go on an adventure

     —Metal Digest, https://metal-digest.com/2023/02/28/marvel-double-

An awesome album with a classic 70s feel

     —The Weekend Sport, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o7ZngQwzMUeG_LhF6

A bit of punk, a bit of rock, a bit of dirt and always a good groove à la HELLACOPTERS

     —Vampster, https://vampster.com/cd-reviews/maervel-double-dec

As a conclusion, one can recommend this compilation to everyone who likes well-groomed kick-ass rock 'n' roll

     —Rock Garage, https://www.rock-garage.com/maervel-double-decade/

Double Decade - an unbeatable opportunity to immerse yourself in the Märvel universe and enjoy the talent, effort and musical evolution of a band that has been at the foot of the canyon for two decades, without giving up, forging musical jewels

     —Velvet Thunder, https://www.velvetthunder.co.uk/marvel-double-deca

Some masked guys who have spent 20 years creating their own style and who have earned their name as the Barons of High Energy Rock'N'Roll. Waiting for the quadruple compilation in another 20 years

     —Rock and Roll Army, https://www.rockandrollarmy.com/magazine/2023/02/2

An excellent compilation of high-quality, high-energy Rock'n'Roll!

     —FIREWORKS, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TXdSCIp3yzrRXQ45V

Double Decade' is a killer 23 track compilation of one of the best unsung bands of Scandinavian rock n' roll, that have been treading the boards for the past 20 years. If you've not discovered the joys of a Märvel album, this is your perfect introduction.

     —RPM Online, https://rpmonline.co.uk/?p=21261

Sparkling rock'n'roll!

     —Slavestate, http://www.slavestate.se/?e=5495

Very nice songs

     —Hallowed, https://www.hallowed.se/svensk/musik/recensioner/2

In general, the release honestly deserved the excellent mark!

     —Rockcor magazine


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