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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • SKU: SQR020LP
  • Format: LP
  • UPC: 7340148111750
  • Street Date: 11/09/18
  • PreBook Date: 08/31/18
  • Label: The Sign Records »
  • Genre: Metal
  • Run Time: 44:47 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 2018
  • Region Code: 0
  • Box Lot: 0
  • Territory: N.AMERICA, JAPAN,AUS
  • Language: English


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Hypnos - Set Fire To The Sky

Hypnos hits Mach 3 on with their new album. Nine loud rock tracks that hold a playful and vigorous vibe.

Hypnos - Set Fire To The Sky
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Hypnos blast off with their new album "Set Fire To The Sky". A more high flying and dynamic album that hits Mach 3 on the band's career. Nine loud rock tracks that hold a playful and vigorous vibe. On their third album, Hypnos have refined their sound together with producer Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Primordial, Honeymoon Disease). Stronger songwriting, catchier hooks, together with a groovy rhythm section makes "Set Fire To The Sky" Hypnos strongest album to this day. Hypnos are establishing their sound. It´s clear that "Set Fire To The Sky" is the launchpad for the bands future. The new album is released on The Sign Records on the 19th of October. It´s hard to mistake the Gothenburg based band's Swedish roots. The intensity of their approach to music, and how their influences are cherry-picked out of the best of rock history. The pumping bass and epic solos side by side with Linus Johansson's powerful vocals creates a modern take on classic rock in 2018. The songs were written during the short time frame of two months and show a re-born band on fire. There is both the raw energy that comes with something new and the wisdom from an experienced band on the album. "Set Fire To The Sky" was recorded during nine days at Studio Ganymeden.

Track Listing

  • Get Out
  • Ain't No Fool
  • Set Fire To The Sky
  • Deadline
  • Time Is Running Out
  • Caught In The Night
  • Tell Me Goodbye
  • Looking Out
  • Slutet

Press Quotes

Set Fire to the Sky finds Hypnos further refining their place in the sphere of heavy, standing apart from both the most modern of practitioners and those who've sworn fealty solely to the tenets of '70s boogie.

     —The Obelisk, http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2018/08/30/hypnos-se

Set Fire to the Sky will always stand as a snapshot of where a unique band stood confidently and at the top of their game.

     —SKULLSNBONES, https://skullsnbones.com/hypnos-set-fire-to-the-sk

The music is still very tasteful, diverse and very well performed, instrumental maybe even better than before...

     — Lords of Metal, http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/en/reviews/view/id/3770

No matter if you're a fan of good old hard rock or a retro rocker, I'm pretty sure that you will find something that you like.

     —Hard Rock Info, http://www.hardrockinfo.com/reviews/2018/6.html#hy

Nu blir jag ju tvungen att köpa en ny cd-spelare, den här plattan måste jag nämligen bara ha!

     —Rocknytt, https://www.rocknytt.net/cd/74873-hypnos-set-fire-

Zweedse heavy rock in de hoogste versnelling.

     —Rockportaal.nl, http://www.rockportaal.nl/hypnos-set-fire-to-the-s

Set Fire To The Sky är årets hittills starkaste retrorockalster.

     —Gaffa, http://gaffa.se/recension/131820/arets-starkaste-r

'Set Fire To The Sky' ist locker eine der zehn besten Platten des Jahres.

     —Musikreviews.de, http://www.musikreviews.de/reviews/2018/Hypnos/Set


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