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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • SKU: SFD0201
  • Format: BLU-RAY DISC
  • UPC: 654930322499
  • Street Date: 10/19/21
  • PreBook Date: 09/14/21
  • Label: Synapse Films »
  • Genre: Horror
  • Run Time: 89 mins
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Audio: 5.1 SURROUND
  • Year of Production: 1985
  • Region Code: 0
  • Box Lot: 30
  • Territory: NORTH AMERICA
  • Language: English


Cast & Crew

  • Actor: Urbano Barberini
  • Actor: Natasha Hovey
  • Actor: Karl Zinny
  • Actor: Fiore Argento
  • Actor: Geretta Geretta
  • Actor: Bobby Rhodes
  • Actor: Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni
  • Actor: Asia Argento
  • Director: Lamberto Bava
  • Producer: Dario Argento
  • Producers: Dario Argento


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Demons & Demons 2 [4K UHD Two-disc Limited Edition]

They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs... in 4K UHD and remastered Blu-ray!

Demons & Demons 2 [4K UHD Two-disc Limited Edition]
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Regarded by horror fans the world over as two of the greatest Italian horror films ever made, Lamberto Bava's Demons films are not only major cinematic nightmare fuel, but also hugely entertaining splatterfests of the highest order. Synapse's 2013 Blu-rays remain two of their most popular releases, and now they're bringing these favorites to 4K UHD and remastered Blu-ray in brand-new spectacular 4K restorations! These horrific splatter classics produced by Dario Argento (Suspiria) have never looked or sounded better and are packed with hours of special features, making this the ultimate home video release of these horror favorites. In Demons, a masked man offers tickets to a horror movie sneak preview at the mysterious Metropol cinema. When a patron is scratched by a prop displayed in the theatre lobby, she transforms into a flesh-ripping demon! One by one, the audience members mutate into horrible creatures hell-bent on destroying the world! Can anyone escape this gory orgy of terror? In 1986's ambitious sequel Demons 2, the apocalyptic terror continues! A televised horror film spells doom for the residents of a luxury high-rise apartment, as demons are unleashed through the TV screen at a young girl's birthday party. As more and more residents are infected and transformed into blood-thirsty demons, a young couple fights to survive as they try to escape Hell on Earth.


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Bonus Materials

  • DEMONS: Two versions of the film: the full-length original cut in English and Italian, and the shorter U.S. version featuring alternate dubbing and sound effects
  • DEMONS: Uncompressed DTS-HD MA English & Italian 5.1/2.0 audio mixes on the original cut derived from the archival audio masters
  • DEMONS: Uncompressed DTS-HD MA English 2.0 U.S. theatrical mono audio newly remastered in 2021 by Synapse Films
  • DEMONS: New audio commentary by critics Kat Ellinger and Heather Drain, co-hosts of the Hell’s Belles podcast
  • DEMONS: Audio commentary with director Lamberto Bava, SPFX artist Sergio Stivaletti, composer Claudio Simonetti and actress Geretta Geretta
  • DEMONS: Produced by Dario Argento: a new visual essay by author and critic Michael Mackenzie exploring the legendary filmmaker’s career as a producer
  • DEMONS: Dario’s Demon Days: interview with writer/producer Dario Argento
  • DEMONS: Defining an Era in Music: interview with Claudio Simonetti
  • DEMONS: Splatter Spaghetti Style: interview with long-time Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi
  • DEMONS: Carnage at the Cinema: Lamberto Bava and His Splatter Masterpiece
  • DEMONS: Dario and Demons: Producing Monster Mayhem
  • DEMONS: Monstrous Memories: Luigi Cozzi on Demons
  • DEMONS: Profondo Jones: The Critical Perspective
  • DEMONS: Splatter Stunt Rock: interview with Ottaviano Dell’Acqua
  • DEMONS: Stivaletti Q & A at the 2019 UK ‘Festival of Fantastic Films’
  • DEMONS: Original Italian and English international theatrical trailers & U.S. trailer
  • DEMONS: Newly translated optional English SDH subtitles for the English version
  • DEMONS: Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian version
  • DEMONS 2: Uncompressed DTS-HD MA English 5.1 & Italian 5.1/2.0 audio mixes derived from the original archival audio masters
  • DEMONS 2: Uncompressed DTS-HD MA English 2.0 true stereo theatrical mix remastered in 2021 by Synapse Films
  • DEMONS 2: New audio commentary by film critic Travis Crawford
  • DEMONS 2: Bava to Bava: interview with Luigi Cozzi on the history of Italian horror
  • DEMONS 2: Creating Creature Carnage: interview with Sergio Stivaletti
  • DEMONS 2: Demonic Influences: Federico Zampaglione Speaks
  • DEMONS 2: The ‘Demons’ Generation: Roy Bava discusses a legacy in lacerations
  • DEMONS 2: The New Blood of Italian Horror featuring Sergio Stivaletti
  • DEMONS 2: Screaming for a Sequel: The Delirious Legacy of DEMONS 2 with Lamberto Bava
  • DEMONS 2: A Soundtrack for Splatter: interview with composer Simon Boswell
  • DEMONS 2: Together and Apart: a new visual essay on the space and technology in DEMONS and DEMONS 2 by author and critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • DEMONS 2: Original Italian and English theatrical trailers
  • DEMONS 2: Newly translated optional English SDH subtitles for the English version
  • DEMONS 2: Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian version
  • Limited edition O-Card/Slipcover packaging featuring new artwork by Juan José Saldarriaga and Chris MacGibbon
  • Reproduction of the original movie ticket from Demons
  • A special Demons 2 birthday party invitation
  • Included fold-out poster of Demons artwork from Wes Benscoter
  • 4K UHD All-region playback
  • Reversible Cover Art

Sales Points

  • Making it's North American debut on the 4K Ultra HD format!

Press Quotes

Synapse Films’ 4K edition of Demons I & II is definitely the version of these films to own. The A/V quality is outstanding, easily besting every previous home video incarnation. If you’re an Italian horror fan, you simply must own this package. Highly recommended!

     —The Digital Bits

The Demons movies are perfect films. Seriously, these movies make me overjoyed every time I watch them. I’m insanely excited that this set is in my collection and I’ve run around the house with my ticket for the Metropol many times already!

     —Bands About Movies

From a visual standpoint, both films look great throughout. Also, pacing is never an issue since both films feature an ample amount of gore at brisk intervals. And when it comes to the special effects, they are very effective and appropriately grotesque. A standout FX moment is a scene where a woman is hunched over on all fours and a demon hatches out of her back.

     —10K Bullets

Demons has never looked this good, and will likely never receive a release this robust again. It’s well, well, well worth the investment for any Italian horror fan.

     —Austin Trunick, Under The Radar Magazine

At the end of the day, Demons and Demons 2 are fright flicks made for fans, by fans (who just so happen to be professional filmmakers); all the right notes are hit, and hit hard, and the end result is every gorehound’s wet dream!

     —DanXIII, Horror Fuel

And truly, it’s a blast from start to finish with little time wasted.

     —Anthony Arrigo, Dread Central


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