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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • SKU: DDR740
  • Format: CD
  • UPC: 712187490245
  • Street Date: 07/07/23
  • PreBook Date: 06/02/23
  • Label: Dragon's Domain »
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Run Time: 79:20 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Year of Production: 2021
  • Box Lot: 30
  • Territory: WORLD


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Albert Glasser - The Albert Glasser Collection: Vol. 3

Dragon's Domain Records, presents THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION Volume 3, featuring the music for FOUR BOYS AND A GUN and STREET OF SINNERS.

Albert Glasser - The Albert Glasser Collection: Vol. 3
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Dragon's Domain Records, presents THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION Volume 3, featuring the premiere releases of Albert Glasser's music for FOUR BOYS AND A GUN and STREET OF SINNERS. The two films in this third collection of 1950s classic Albert Glasser scores from Dragon's Domain Records are essentially juvenile delinquent crime films from 1957, and were released by United Artists. FOUR BOYS AND A GUN is based on a 1944 novel. While the four "boys" - Ollie, Eddie, Johnny, and Stanley - are clearly young grown-ups, the juvenile delinquent genre tag fits the presentation of their characters. These four young friends, needing cash to pay off a bookie after Ollie spent the money impressing a girl instead, decide at Ollie's direction to hold up a boxing arena in order to obtain the necessary cash to pay off the loan. When a cop is killed during the robbery, the four are quickly found and arrested, and the district attorney is brought in to determine which of the four boys fired the fatal shot. He leaves it to the four of them to identify the shooter, or else all four will go to the electric chair. Glasser provides a powerful score using a jazz group of 20 players (4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, piano, etc.) that perfectly fits the style of the film and the attitude of the period. STREET OF SINNERS is as hard-hitting a story as FOUR BOYS AND A GUN although it focuses on a rookie cop taking over the beat on a particularly unruly downtown street. Unlike his genial predecessor, the young new officer, strictly by-the-book, is unwilling to look the other way and let the young hoodlums hanging out on the street continue to get away with minor crimes. Glasser's score is heavily styled in jazz, but with more of a dramatic punch and a touch of noir intonations than was found in the previous movie. The film's music is music of the street - the wild, brash lifestyle of the hustlers; Glasser's occasional interludes are reserved for specific dramatic or emotional moments.

Track Listing

  • Four Boys and a Gun Main Title (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • After the Robbery (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • At the Bar (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Her Apartment (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • The Cops Arrive / Walk to the Chair (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Truck Run (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Dandelion Club (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Ollie's Sad Story (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Rumble at the Pool Hall (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Bad Luck (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Stanley's Story / Johnny and His Wife (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Al's Bar (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • The Boys Dejected (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • "Ten years if we are Lucky" (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • The Final Choice / Four Boys and a Gun End Credits (From "Four Boys and A Gun")
  • Albert Glasser Wraps-Up Four Boys and a Gun
  • Street of Sinners Main Title / On the Beat / Suicide (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Nancy and Ricky (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Walking the Beat (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Off Duty (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Street Action (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Car Trouble / Leon and Nancy (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Night Life (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Leon and Ricky (From "Street of Sinners")
  • The Truth About Leon (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Ricky's Place (From "Street of Sinners")
  • The End of Leon and Street of Sinners End Title (From "Street of Sinners")
  • Albert Glasser Wraps-Up Street of Sinners

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