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  • An MVD Exclusive
  • SKU: DDR734
  • Format: CD
  • UPC: 712187490221
  • Street Date: 05/12/23
  • PreBook Date: 04/07/23
  • Label: Dragon's Domain »
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Run Time: 99:60 mins
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Year of Production: 2021
  • Box Lot: 30
  • Territory: WORLD


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Albert Glasser - The Albert Glasser Collection: Vol. 2

Dragon's Domain Records presents THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION Volume 2, featuring the premiere releases of music for UNMEI and GEISHA GIRL .

Albert Glasser - The Albert Glasser Collection: Vol. 2
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Dragon's Domain Records presents THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION Volume 2, featuring the premiere releases of Albert Glasser's music for UNMEI (1951,) and GEISHA GIRL (1952). The former film is a crime thriller and the latter is a comedy drama, both taking place and filmed in Japan, both co-directed and co-produced by C. Ray Stahl and George P. Breakston, known for TOKYO FILE 212, JUNGLE STAMPEDE, and the like. UNMEI, which means "fate" in Japanese, is, according to legend, an invisible supernatural entity who only appears to evil men, knowing the secret passions hidden in their minds. This film tells the story of one such evil man, a corrupt businessman named Roger Mansfield, whose actions threaten or provoke the deaths of the women who love him and the men who trust him. Byron Michie plays Roger, while Martha Hyer co-stars as Cheryl Banning, who arrives in Tokyo to inquire about the untimely death of her brother, and falls under Roger's spell. Tetsu Nakamura plays Noritomu Moriaji, a local businessman. Throughout the film Glasser's symphonic score is authoritative in engaging the drama, suspense, and revelation of the story, incorporating the famous Japanese folk tune, "Sakura Sakura," as both a love theme and as a motif of irony as Roger's crimes evolve. A theremin is used throughout the score in a variety of treatments, its wavering tonalities increasing as Roger's guilt is painted in haunting musical colors. GEISHA GIRL is a comedy-romance movie with heavy emphasis on slapstick. Like UNMEI, it was filmed in Japan and has a minor bit of the supernatural woven into the film as it follows a pair of naïve G.I.s, Rocky Wilson (Steve Forrest) and Archie McGregor (Archer MacDonald), who are on leave in Tokyo. While there, they run into a spy ring, discover the stewardess Rocky is dating (Martha Hyer) is a secret government agent investigating that spy ring, and happen to attract the ire of the head of that spy ring, Tetsu Nakano (Tetsu Nakamura).

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Opening Titles & Intro (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Unmei Stops The Beggar (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • “I'm in Trouble" / The Wedding (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Banning Import Company (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Dances (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Roger and Cheryl (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • The British Club (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Roger Comes Home / War Flashback (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Failed Swap (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • The Note & Attempted Murder (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Roger Proposes to Cheryl (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Betrayed and Suicide (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Setting the House on Fire (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • The Dance Club (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • The Last Drink (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Final Justice for Thomas Putman / End Title (From "The Invisible Mr. Unmei")
  • Al's Invisible Mr. Unmei Wrap Up
  • Disc 2:
    • Main Title (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Airport / Lots to Do (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Hiro’s Habardashery / No Style, No Taste (From "Geisha Girl")
    • The Ballet (From "Geisha Girl")
    • The Bamboo Club / Archie Mugged (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Geisha School In My Home (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Bathing Before Dinner (From "Geisha Girl")
    • “How About Paying A Little Attention To Me?” (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Sedative In The Soup (From "Geisha Girl")
    • “Try One of the Pills, and See What Happens” (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Walking Scene / ”I Need Your Help” (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Zoro Gets the Pills (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Stop The Archie Ambush / Sightseeing Tour (From "Geisha Girl")
    • “The Masquerade is Over Mr. Wilson” / The Chase (From "Geisha Girl")
    • End Title (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Geisha Entertainment (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Tokyo Show (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Zoro FX (From "Geisha Girl")
    • Al’s Geisha Girl Wrap Up

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